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Our Classes

Point Of Fitness is a health and class-based fitness center that creates a personalized environment for you to pursue and meet your fitness goals.
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Please arrive about 10 minutes before your class begins, to set up and ensure class starts on time. With indoor cycling classes you may (not required) call to reserve a spot up to 48 hours in advance. You are required to cancel if you are unable to attend or pay an $8.00 fee for a bike reservation.We are here to help you have fun and get fit! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience more beneficial! 

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

MaxBurn 30

MaxBurn is a 30 minute all out, non stop training cardio, strength and core. You will shred, tone and boost strength whil eimprovinf your cardiovascular system. This class will leave you sweaty and torch calories quickly.

Core Exercise


You'll torch 500 calories in just 30 minutes and put your metabolism into overdrive for hours after. You wont just increase your cardiovascular fitness, you'll upgrade strength, balance, speed, and agility.

Elastic Band Exercises

Dirty 30

Basic stepping, just like walking up and down stairs is the heart of this class. It's a full body cardio workout that really tones your butt and your legs all done to the beat of the music.

Lifting Barbell

Spin & Shred

This two-in-one total body workout begins with a ride that will awaken and strengthen your heart and muscles. Move the workout to the weight room for a power interval and functional training session leaving you feeling energized and strong. 

Kick Boxing

D's Fitness Mix Up

This class mixes together strength, cardio, kickboxing, and hit. This class will have you sweating and torching calories all day. 

Fitness Class

Pedal & Press

Cycle and press your way to a lean and toned body. This class features both spinning and weights with a combined workout that will not only strengthen your cardiovascular system but will leave you feeling stronger each week. 

This class focuses on developing speed, endurance and strength. This class is best for advanced riders or those with existing cardio base. Hand weights are used with high reps. This class is intense but so fun!


Strengthen and tone your muscles with a complete resistance band 60 minute workout..this will be an amazing burner that will sculpt your entire body.

Xtreme Step

Basic stepping, just like walking up and down stairs is the heart of this class. It's a full body cardio workout that really tones your butt and your legs all done to the beat of the music.




This class is designed to cater to people with a significant amount of weight to lose, mobility issues, injuries, or just starting their fitness journey. Class is modified to fit each person's needs and fitness ability. 

LV Maximum Ride

This is an indoor cycling class that

is focused on improving cardio and

endurance, with a little bit of fun.



BALListic Core

A system of exercises designed to improve flexibility and stability by strengthening the abdominal and back muscles known as the “core”.  All the exercises use a stability ball– low impact and controlled movements.

Core Barre

Our Core Barre signature workout class combines ballet, weights, and Pilates for a low-impact, fat-burning workout. Plan to do some free-standing lifting using light weights, some mat work, and plenty of barre work. This class also incorporates stretching segments after each strengthening series. Not only will you lengthen your body, you will also increase flexibility while you tone.

Power Yoga

When we practice yoga, we discover the amazing ability of the body to move, balance, lift, and support. We increase the ability of the mind to focus and release preconceived notions. We transcend the body and the mind to the place of being. Each person's yoga practice is very personal. The goal of yoga is not to be able to put your foot behind your head or to balance your entire body on one hand. We breathe. We move. We listen to our bodies. We work to be calmer, more centered, more energized. Every person does not have the same abilities, but every person does have the fundamental need to move, breathe, and increase or maintain mobility. 

Rest & Revive

Restore your body, mind, and soul with Rest and Revive.  45 minutes of gentle stretching, relaxation and connecting with Christ.  This is for all ability levels!  Our bodies, minds, and souls are crying out for restoration.  We will be doing gentle stretches to relax our bodies and minds.  You will hear the word of God and a message.  We will set the table and allow the Holy Spirit to enter and renew us.  



Integrated Yoga is a combination of Iyengar Vinyasa, Restorative, and Iron yoga.

  • You will strengthen your core, arms and legs.

  • You will release tension in your back and neck

  • You will become more flexible with better balance

  • You will quiet your mind, and calm your spirit.

  • You will feel STRONGER and YOUNGER.

Power Play Yoga

This class incorporates a power flow while allowing space for you to try new things.  Get ready to play on your mat and learn the basics of inversions, arm balances and back bends. 

Advanced Kickboxing

An upscaled version of our regular kickboxing class.  Focuses one on one with a partner and a set of hand pads or kick shield.  This class requires a prerequisite test with the instructor before signing up.  If you're interested in proper form, intense cardio, and lots of sprawls - then this class is for you.

Kettle Bell AmpD

is a new, unique, fun fitness program that takes kettle bell moves and choreographs them to music.  Each song is specified for a part of the body, focusing on every aspect:  upper, lower, core and of course cardio.  All fitness levels are welcomed.  Each song has modifications.

Restorative Yoga

is a great way to transition from the weekend into the work-week.  This class emphasizes restorative postures designed to soothe and comfort.  All postures are done on the ground with multiple props so that the body is completely supported at all times.  This accessible practice allows the nervous system to calm and the mind to rest.  The calming characteristics of restorative yoga soothes the mind-body, while allowing room for breath and deep relaxation.  No prior yoga experience necessary.  Restorative Yoga is an all levels, gentle practice.

Core de Force

This MMA-inspired total-body workout uses core conditioning combinations, body weight moves, and cardio spikes to harness the power of your core. No equipment is needed during this class while you harness your inner badass. You will burn major calories and carve your waist in no time. 

Indoor Cycling

This class combines indoor cycling with cardio and strength intervals. We promise you an awesome workout that will keep you coming back for more.

Circuit Fitness

During this class each person will rotate through stations provided by the instructor. These stations change each week and target all areas of the body. We will incorporate cardio, weight, and stretching so that you get a total body workout. You will feel great after coming to this class!


A unique, low impact, high intensity, body transforming program designed to build strength and gain flexibility. The moves fit perfectly together to form a class filled with intense choreography that is fun, challenging, and will make you sweat. It's about energy, power, and ryhthm. Think sculpted abdominals, increased overall core strength, and greater stability.

Beginner Weight Lifting

This class teaches the fundamentals and correct form for each lift so you prevent injury and get the most benefits from weight lifting class.


Zumba is a latin-infused aerobic exercise with easy to follow choreography for all levels of fitness.  Dance to great music with great people and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. 


Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. Through a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results.

Pedal It Out

This class offers high energy stationary bike workouts that enhance cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Participants select personal intensity levels during the workout through body position and bike tension.

Strength & Form

Description to come!

Weight Training

This class will focus on ALL weight training to get you those lean sculpted muscles that you have always wanted. Modifications are provided

P90x Live

The P90X LIVE workouts offer a rich variety of intense routines. From cardio, to resistance training, strength training, plyometrics, abdominal work, and more, P90X will have you sweating. Using the science of Muscle Confusion, P90X constantly switches things up (the blocks, the protocols, the rep ranges) to help class members bust through plateaus. Modification are provided.


Currently, one popular form of kickboxing is known as aerobic or cardiovascular (cardio) kickboxing. It combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning and toning. Unlike other types of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between competitors. It is a cardiovascular workout that is done because of its many benefits to the body.

Fast & Furious

40 minutes of calorie burning, sweat drenching fast paced cardio. Let’s ignite your cardio game!!

Soul Sweat

Get ready to sweat and burn calories with intervals of cardio and plyometrics, followed by a core shredding active recovery... start your week right with this Sunday night faith based soul sweat.


Sculpt is a non-aerobic, muscle toning class focused on core strength.  This class uses weight bars, exercise bands and dumbbells.  

Easy Ride

Beginner spin class with low to moderate impact.  Light weights, climbs and sprints are incorporated.  Slowly build your endurance and strength.

Sculpt & Spin

This high intensity cycling workout will push you to your limit.  The class consists of sculpting your body with weights and taking on fierce climbs, while including vigorous sprints, power jumps and so much more!  Join us for the ultimate fast and fun ride.

Torque & Burn Cycle

This high intensity cycling class incorporates a variety of moves with quick transitions that combines resistance training and speed intervals for an awesome total body workout.  You'll burn hundreds of calories while building cardiovascular endurance and strength.  All levels welcome

Zzen Night Yoga

 Experience gentle yoga, meditations, and therapeutic essential oils to help train your brain and body to relax.  The class is great for new and experienced yoga students.  It includes stretches, flow, and mindfulness-based on a variety of styles including Kripalu, Yin, and Restorative.  Plus, it includes holistic wellness tips for awareness, de-stressing, better sleep and creating balance in your life.

Yoga, Oils, & Meditation

YOM nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.  This gentle class includes functional stretches, strengthening, flow and relaxation based on a variety of styles.  BONUS:  holistic, natural health tips to support your wellness goals.

Beginner Yoga

We will help you to calm your MIND, empower your BODY and enliven your SPIRIT.  We will assist you to stretch and strengthen your body and learn the purpose of each Yoga pose as we learn their proper alignments.  You will gain better balance, posture, and breathing techniques.  We will also have restorative and restful poses.  It will be relaxed and fun.  You will enjoy the energy of the group as we all strive to better ourselves and live longer

Vinyasa Yoga

Vibe & Flow Yoga

Vibe & Flow Yoga is an energetic form of yoga where we will incorporate Vinyasa and Power yoga (the room will not be heated, but you will sweat). Students will flow from one movement to the next while connecting their breath to each movement. This unique lass will use feel good, upbeat music to energize your flow. While this will be an intermediate class, all levels of yoga are invited and modifications can be used if needed, You will build strength and flexibility, so get ready to move and sweat!

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