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Okay, Monday. Let's Do This.

Let me set the scene for you. It's Sunday evening, day light savings has just begun, and your to-do list for the weekend isn't done. The Sunday Scaries are here and you don't even know where to begin. Maybe last week sucked. Maybe you didn't get to the gym when you should have. Maybe your work week was rough or maybe you're sick. Regardless of what's going on - you don't want the weekend to end.

It's so stinkin' easy to hate Mondays...but why?

I'm someone who doesn't love Mondays and I couldn't tell you why. I took to google this weekend to figure out just why we dread this day of the week so much. I found an interesting Huffington Post article that suggested we might not like Mondays because they start the cycle of another week stuck in our same routine. I thought about this for hours and thought, that's not me. I kept reading and found a few other ideas such as most people not liking Mondays because they don't want to be around people at the work, have to get early, or because they didn't accomplish what they wanted to accomplish over the weekend.

The one that stuck with me most was the idea that there are people who hate Mondays and don't know why. I realized this is me.

I love my job. I love going to Zumba on Monday nights with my mama. I love the idea of a fresh why do I hate Mondays?

After much self-reflection, I came to the conclusion that I hate Mondays because of the uncertainty that the week brings. I worry about the smallest things and manifest so much negative energy in to this idea of "Monday," that when Monday comes, I'm bound to hate it!

I can't change the outcome of the week, but I can focus on what I can control this week.

I made this list of eight things to help us fight the Sunday Scaries together:

  1. Create a To-Do list and write down what you need to do for each day. Be accountable for these things!

  2. Set goals for the week - even if it's something as simple as vacuuming your car! Little goals help us feel accomplished!

  3. Plan your dinners! Meal prep can be a tough challenge on Sundays. If you're not a meal prep person, write down what meals you will eat to help keep your body nourished through out the week!

  4. Get your Monday morning ready. Whether this means picking out your clothes, packing your lunch, or even putting your work bag in your car! Not having to worry about these things on Monday ensures a smoother morning!

  5. Starting with Monday, write down something you're going to do for YOU each day. For me, this is writing down something as simple as "waking up a few minutes early to stop at Dunkin' for a coffee"

  6. Plan your work outs in a calendar and write down when you need to sign up on the POF app! There is nothing worse than forgetting to sign up only to realize your fav class is full!

  7. Make plans with a friend and keep them. Hard weeks are better when you have someone to vent too!

  8. Lastly, get to sleep! You are most powerful when you are well rested.

Monday has NOTHIN' on you, sweet friend! Go get this week!

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