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Personal Success Brings Passion to Help Others

Nichole Moser was working doubles at her job when she first walked through the doors at Point of Fitness.

Her steps inside this amazing gym truly changed her life. Nichole's first class at POF was "Downsize" and as soon as she started, she says it "felt like family."

She worked so hard at downsize - setting small goals for herself such as jump roping. She says that Wendy Bouslough had a massive impact on her fitness journey and was always encouraging her to do her best. After four months of strictly downside, she started to personal train with Wendy. When talking about Wendy, Nichole says, "She pushed me to my limits, always believed in me even though I would cuss her out during class!"

When talking about what it's like at POF, Nichole says,

Point of Fitness is not like any other gym. It's welcoming. I've been to other gyms but I never felt like I belonged or fit in. Point of Fitness showed me that it's not about how much weight you can bench or how many more reps you did than the person beside you - it's so much more than that. This gym shows companionship, it shows respect for one another, it shows teamwork. POF is more like a family than a gym. You sweat together and push each other whether or not you think it's too hard.

Nichole now teaches several classes at POF and REALLY ROCKS that kettle bell! (Her class kicked my BOOTY!) She is an inspiration to so many and her heart of gold shines through wherever she goes. When it comes to being an instructor at the gym, Nichole says,

"I wanted to be that person that Wendy Bouslough was with me. Everyone has to start somewhere. They need that accountability, they need that extra push, a cheerleader in their corner. They need someone giving them a high five for doing their first push up, doing their first sit up or reaching their first of something . It's an amazing feeling to see someone strive at their goals. Losing weight is not easy, but what is? It definitely can be done. It's only 20% exercise and 80% diet. I am a walking example of that. POF saved my life. I am down over 120 pounds and 50 inches and still going. The skies the limit."
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