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Why Spin Class Should Be Your Next Class

When starting at any new gym - especially POF - there are often so many classes to choose from. Different people like different things and different people have different workouts that are not only best for their bodies, but what they love to do. I remember the first time I looked at the POF schedule, I couldn't wait for my first workout. When I decided it would be spin, I googled and googled what to expect - here are some of my findings and what I have learned. It's one of my favorite classes for sure!

If you're new to the gym or looking to switch up your routine, YOU HAVE TO TRY SPIN! All of the instructors are fantastic!

The Top Eight Reasons You NEED to Take a Spin Clas
  1. Spin highlights four types of exercise: endurance, speed, power and combination resulting in a killer work out!

  2. Training on a stationary bike has a lower risk for injury as it is low impact. Because of it being low impact, it's less stress on your muscles and joints!

  3. Though everyones body is different, on average, an individual burns anywhere from 400-600 calories total in an hour at spin. #Woah

  4. As your body moves with the beat of the music, you'll feel like a rockstar on your bike. I've never been to a class at Point of Fitness and not loved the music! #WorkoutPlaylist

  5. Building Stamina: Your body is constantly pumping blood and improving the stamina of your lungs and heart!

  6. You're constantly engaging your core. Spinning regularly and eating right is enough to be on your way to a six pack!

  7. It's you and the bike - your instructor will be there to guide you but you get out what you put in!

  8. My very favorite reason, the community of a spin room is unlike anything I've ever experienced. There is nothing better than a big "WOOOOO" when you've all crushed a great work out.

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