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Massage Therapy

Massage is the oldest form of natural healing in the world. Most people consider massage to be a luxury, but at POF we consider massage a necessity to a healthy lifestyle. If you are someone who suffers from migraines, anxiety/depression, muscular injuries or soreness, or circulation problems then a massage is right for you. 


Ashley Merritts

In 2004, I graduated from the Computer Learning network with my certification in Massage Therapy. I then decided to further my knowledge of the human body and how to heal it more naturally. In 2006, I graduated from Penn State DuBois with an Associates Degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. With having both degrees, I can tailor the massage to the client needs. I like to let the clients body tell me how much pressure and what modalities are needed. With that in mind, no two massages are ever exactly the same. 

In 2013, I decided to learn more about essential oils and how they naturally support the body. After learning about the benefits of the oils, I decided to become certified in the AromaTouch Technique. This uses eight doTerra brand essential oils to help improve overall wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors and supporting an overall healthy body function.

I love helping people heal and knowing that my client feels better after their massage. Each massage aids in helping reboot your system. Allow me to help you continue your healthy lifestyle. 

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