POF takes losing weight SERIOUSLY, that is why we guarantee that all of our before and after photos are REAL just like we are. Don't you want to join us and have your success story here?

"Hi!  I’m Nicole, owner here at POF but more importantly a Mom of four beautiful girls and a wife to my amazing husband Rodney. I wasn’t always a fitness enthusiast nor was I a high school or college athlete. My career “pre-fitness” was in the back of an ambulance as a paramedic and I loved every second of it. As the years passed by, my weight kept increasing and after the death of my father in 2010 I hit my rock bottom and was pushing 200 pounds. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I lived every day with joint pain, chronic fatigue, headaches and no energy. I tried every gym, pill, shake, wrap, tread climber and weight watchers. I stuck to none of it. Then one ordinary day I said “that’s it, I have had enough” and I joined a group online. I then started working with a personal trainer a few days a week and this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done besides give birth. I couldn’t even run around half of a basketball court and I remember in that moment thinking to myself “this is it-this is my rock bottom and it’s only up from here.” And it was!

The weeks turn into months and I got stronger and stronger. I fell in love with working out and about a year in to my journey I decided I was going to become a fitness instructor. I decided on an INSANITY class would be fun and I signed up for the instructor workshop without ever taking a class. I almost died but I did it and the rest is history. I started teaching insanity and then I added P90X, indoor cycling and now I am certified to teach every class at the gym including having my yoga alliance certification! I’m very proud of what I’ve done and how far I’ve come and I pride myself in knowing exactly how you feel both physically and mentally When you are at your rock-bottom and walk through my gym doors! This is not just a gym we created a community for every single ability level and I promise you it will be life-changing.  Join us!"

Nicole Estep - Owner